At Sebastian & Co, we focus on elevating the standards of butchery by bringing you the very best tasting meat we can source, always beautifully presented and with guaranteed freshness and quality.

We pride ourselves on offering highly personalized service, custom cuts and special requests are always welcome.


We bring you the finest quality beef from BC’s and Alberta’s premiere cattle ranchers, with a special emphasis well-marbled beef, dry-aged from 21 to 40+ days to maximize tenderness and flavour. We offer a selection of top-graded beef, including Certified Angus, Canada Prime and Wagyu.

With a nose-to-tail approach, many unique and hard-to-find cuts are on offer, and our expert butchers are ‘at the ready’ to custom-cut to your specifications.


Our free-range, medication-free pork comes from Paradise Valley, a family farm in Alberta. Here, the hogs are treated with respect and have all the freedom they want to root and dig in straw and mud. They are fed a diet of field peas, wheat and barley, and are never given growth hormones or antibiotics.

Try some of our favourite cuts, such as a pork crown roast, frenched pork rib chops, or a perfectly seasoned Porchetta roast.


Our favourite lamb is free range, pasture-fed lamb from Australia, coming from a network of farm cooperatives comprised solely of local family farmers who raise their flocks to exacting standards. The lambs are humanely treated, roaming freely in wide-open pastures of clover and rye grass, and always raised without antibiotics or hormones. The result is the highest quality lamb with a sweet yet mild taste, and clean, natural flavours with unbeatable tenderness.


Sebastian & Co features top quality chicken (Maple Hill Farms), turkey (JD Farms), and game fowl from the best of local BC farms. Our poultry are never given any antibiotics, hormones or drugs, or fed any animal byproducts. Birds roam naturally in a stress-free environment, with access to fresh water and a constant supply of fresh feed; they are never confined to inhumane cages or packed into small spaces where illness and disease can fester.

For holidays or everyday occasions, we are happy to customize your poultry order … be it spatchcock, semi or fully de-boned, or a stuffed as a turducken.


Bison, quail, venison, ostrich, rabbit, elk, wild boar and kangaroo are all game meats you can order at Sebastian & Co. As always, we are happy to help by advising how to prepare and cook our exotic meats, and can suggest which starches or vegetables will best complement your special meal. If we don’t have precisely what you are looking for, just let us know and we will do our best to bring it in for you.


All Sebastian & Co burgers are made in-house in small batches, with meat that is carefully cut and ground onsite by our butchers. Our Signature House beef burger has no added fillers, just natural, gluten-free ingredients. Our turkey burgers are made with local, all-natural, free-range, white meat only turkey that is raised without antibiotics or animal by-products.


House-made sausages are made several times a week at the shop, always with fresh herbs and spices. Core favourites such Mild Italian, Chilean Longaniza, Breakfast Sausages and Lamb Merguez, are always on offer, but each week also features new sausage recipes, inspired by seasonal ingredients.

Sausage meat is always ground in-house by our butchers, and we can custom make a batch of sausages based on your personal specifications (minimum of 5 lbs. packaged in your preferred quantities).


In addition to house-made pâtés, terrines and bresaola, we offer fine charcuterie imported from Spain and Italy, with a special focus on Jamón Ibérico Pata Negra. Prosciutto, serrano, chorizo, lomo, salchichón and a range of local and imported salamis are sliced to order, or snack on our buffalo pepperoni, beef jerky and other ready-to-eat cured meats.

Ask us about our custom charcuterie boards for your next special event.


We are pleased to offer a variety of local and imported artisan cheeses. Choose from rare treasures sourced from the UK, Europe and Canada, with chutneys and crackers for pairing. Most cheeses are cut fresh off the wheel, and are always of the finest quality – never with any added colouring or artificial flavours.

Ask for a custom cheese board, artfully prepared in-house and complete with garnishes.

Specialty Gourmet

Browse our unique selection of local and imported specialty products, with new products arriving all the time. In addition to little nibbles such as olives, tapenades, antipasto and truffle products, we also have delicious sides to pair with your meat, such as artisan pastas, sauces, risottos, gnocchi and much more. You can also find locally-made pies, and freshly baked bread on the weekends.

Sebastian & Co Product Line

Sebastian & Co signature products are available for purchase online. Choose from a selection of hand-crafted, small batch and artisan-produced products, all designed by, or developed in conjunction with, Sebastian and his team.