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By Sebastian & Co


“The Greatest Steak Rub in the History of Grilling” – Vancouver Magazine, Neal McLennan After moving from South American to Canada, Sebastian greatly missed the
fire-grilled flavours and “Asado-style” BBQ experiences of his native Chile, where family and friends gather to engage with the cooking process around the
ubiquitous charcoal grill.

They sip on drinks and chat with the host, who carefully tends to a steady stream of delicious grilled meats sizzling over an open fire, while guests socialize
as they chop and dice veggies for a delicious array of chimichurris, salsas, and salads. In North America, we don’t always have the time, weather, or facilities
to grill over open fire so Sebastian developed a seasoning rub in hopes of making the wonderful “Asado” experience  accessible to all— even whilst using a
gas BBQ, stove-top, or oven.

It is with this heartfelt intention of gathering friends and family around exceptional food with that iconic char-grilled flavour that our Asado-inspired
Charcoal Rub was born. The flavours of the rub are subtle with a hint of smokiness, a slight tang of citrus, and an overall essence of cooking over real

It can be used on just about anything you would grill: meats, poultry, fish, tofu, burgers, vegetables, stone fruits, and more. Just rub liberally onto your
favourite food and cook as you normally would. According to Vancouver Magazine, “It’s the best in the world and will last most of the season. A bargain.” 
So try if for yourself, and get that fire-grilled flavour without needing an open-fire grill!
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